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Chock Hoss
Based in Brighton, on the south coast of the UK.


19th August 2022.



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Chock Hoss was set up to bring Throwdown Champs to the world. We know that games can act as a force for good in the world, and can help change things for the better – and what better way to prove it than helping people to build healthy habits, enjoy life more, and live longer?

Twenty years of hard-won games development experience – how to do things, how not to do things, how to get the best out of people – all distilled down into one, singular, epic, unchanging vision.

This particular hoss is driven by making the right things for the right people in the right way.



Now there’s something I never thought I’d do. Six or seven years back, you see, I was a big ol’ lump. Overweight, high blood pressure, smoked too much, and – rather bleakly – didn’t have a pension because I never thought I’d get that far.

But then I decided to do something about it. I worked off about 30kg inside nine months, did my first marathon (sub four!) less than a year after I started running, took up CrossFit, cycled the whole of the South Downs Way, did a thousand burpees in one go, and ran my first ultramarathon. Boom.

How? Well, I’ve got a background in psychology and games design, and knew that cementing good habits was the most important thing. So I set myself some rules that made it as easy as possible to form new habits and… went for it. And it worked.

Ever since then, I was convinced that I could productise what I did. Take my experiences in psychology, in game-making, in losing weight, and in getting fit, and turn it into some that could help millions of people create their own healthy habits.

Took about eighteen months before the epiphanies arrived, but arrive they did.

I started off with six words scrawled on a bit of paper – "Joe Wicks makes Clash of Clans" – and got to work. Then I typed a lot, pressed a lot of buttons a lot of times, and Throwdown Champs came out the other end.


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Team and Collaborators

Code / Design / Vibes

Pete Morrish
Chock Hoss

Making It Look Pretty

Stewart Graham
Strathmore Design

Mentoring & Infinite Support

Shahid Ahmad
Crescent Code

Prototype Funding

Champs Army

Mark Hemsley
Yannic Ambach-Opitz
Neeki Ambach-Opitz


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